Laser Resurfacing Treatments: Which One Is Best for Me?

Chesney Harris, CLS discusses and performs laser skin resurfacing.

Anyone considering laser skin resurfacing treatments discovers fairly quickly that there are multiple options and it can be difficult to know which procedure is best for your concerns. At our Idaho Falls med spa, we discuss the various treatment options to help patients understand which procedure is best suited to treat their skin condition or concerns.

Aesthetic practices that don’t have a variety of laser resurfacing technologies available sometimes need to use laser treatments that aren’t really designed to treat the specific skin concerns patients have. In this post, I’ll describe the various skin resurfacing options we provide.

Broad Band Light Therapy (BBL)

We recently posted a live video on our Facebook page demonstrating skin resurfacing with BBL, which uses rapid pulses of light energy to treat a range of skin conditions. By gently heating the skin, BBL stimulates the production of new collagen and addresses concerns such as rosacea, acne, brown spots, and superficial facial veins. The treatment takes about 45 minutes to an hour. BBL skin resurfacing is essentially the same technology as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and is best for patients with blemishes, rather than age-related wrinkles and sun damage.


This breakthrough hybrid technology combines the advantages of ablative and non-ablative lasers to repair skin damaged by sun exposure and the natural aging process. It’s a fractional laser, meaning thousands of tiny beams penetrate the skin without damaging it, significantly reducing the downtime compared to an ablative laser such as Fraxel®.

Erbium:YAG Laser

Our Contour TRL system uses an erbium:YAG laser, a completely customizable technology that we adjust to meet the specific needs of each patient. Certain patients choose to undergo a single treatment session with increased intensity and several days of downtime. Others opt to instead schedule a series of treatments that don’t require longer recovery times. An erbium:YAG laser treatment triggers the production of new collagen, and we often recommend it for patients who want to tighten their skin and treat fine lines.

Skin resurfacing treatments complement the daily skin care regimen that is the foundation of maintaining healthy, glowing skin. They provide more significant improvements compared to topical treatments. Our staff — including our laser and energy specialist, Amy Johnson — is experienced and can help recommend the most appropriate laser procedure for you.

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