Live With Nancy: Our BOTOX® Treatment Approach

Nancy Olsen, NP performs a live BOTOX treatment.

What’s it like to get BOTOX? That’s a common question for most first-time BOTOX patients at our Idaho Falls or Jackson Hole practices. Many worry about the injections being painful, or that they’ll feel uncomfortable during the experience.

In fact, as you can see in a recent video we posted on our Facebook page showing our expert injector, Nancy Olson, performing a BOTOX procedure for a member of our staff, the treatment is quick and causes virtually no discomfort.

Nancy, who is a nurse practitioner, ensures that patients have the best treatment experience possible with her approach. Some of the specific steps she follows for each treatment include:

  • Express yourself: We always ask patients to squint, frown, raise their eyebrows — in other words, make the facial expressions that cause the dynamic wrinkles that BOTOX minimizes. Unlike age-related wrinkles and lines caused by sun exposure or the loss of volume, these wrinkles occur because we’re constantly changing expressions throughout the day. BOTOX works by preventing nerves from sending signals to the muscles that contract when you change expressions. By observing patients make these expressions, Nancy and our other injectors can see the origin points of those muscle contractions, so they know the exact spots to administer BOTOX.
  • Comfortably numb: Many first-time BOTOX patients aren’t big fans of needles or pain and aren’t sure they can tolerate the treatments. No need to worry (which, of course, only worsens “worry lines.”) We apply numbing cream to the areas we’ll be treating before making any injections.
  • Relax: Nancy’s training taught her to administer the injections from behind the patient, who is lying down. As she says, no one wants to see a needle coming at their forehead. This approach helps make the experience more comfortable and less scary.

You can also read about another patient’s first-hand account of her first time getting BOTOX, which we posted on our blog. She discusses what the results are like and how she felt after the procedure, and points out the benefits of BOTOX as a way to prevent the early onset of wrinkles.

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