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Perhaps the best way to understand what you can expect from plastic surgery with Dr. Mark Freeman is through the words of actual patients. Women and men regularly send letters and cards expressing the gratitude and joy they feel after their surgery with us. Many of these patients previously thought there were no exceptional plastic surgeons in Idaho Falls, and that they had to go to Utah for “big city” results. Most patients are very pleased to find that one of the top plastic surgeons in the region practices much closer to home.

If you are ready to begin your own cosmetic surgery experience with Dr. Freeman, request an appointment online or call us at (208) 881-5351. We are happy to help you with every aspect of your aesthetic journey.

Tummy Tuck

I would like to share my experience with Dr. Mark Freeman. I originally chose to have my surgery in Utah, where my experience was a very difficult one. Once home in Idaho I had to have an emergency surgery for an infection. Dr. Freeman was kind enough to agree to see and care for me when my actual surgeon didn’t.

I have been so impressed with him and his staff. Not only are they professional but I have honestly never been to a more genuinely caring doctor. He was always honest and up front with me and helped me through a very rough recovery. He treated me with great care. (I might add, I was not even “his problem” and he chose to care for me as if I were.) He is very knowledgeable in his field. I sincerely wish I would have shopped locally as we are so lucky to have Dr. Freeman in our community. If you ever meet him you will know what I mean. I will always be grateful for Dr. Freeman and his staff.

— J.C. Idaho Falls, ID

Breast Augmentation

I am so thankful that I was able to breastfeed all 6 of my babies, 2 of whom are twins who nursed for 14 months. However, to say that I am deflated is an understatement! I am 5’3”, 105 pounds, and — before getting breast implants — I was completely flat chested. I honestly felt like I had the same body as my 10-year-old son. I wanted to feel like a woman again and be able to fill out clothing, swimsuits, and bras.

And the results? They are fabulous. Perfect. I wouldn’t change anything about them. The size is great. Dr. Freeman spent a lot of time going over implant size with me and making sure we picked a size that suited my body frame. I wanted them to look natural and I think they turned out absolutely perfect.

Dr. Freeman and his staff are one of a kind, so caring, very knowledgeable, and always happy to help where they can. I never struggled getting through to anyone if I had a question or to schedule appointments. They are readily available, and to top it off, their office is INCREDIBLE. I highly recommend them!

— Emily, Idaho Falls | Read Emily’s full story

Breast Augmentation

I am a little shy when it comes to showing anyone my body. He made me as comfortable as I think I could ever be. The care I received was great from start to finish! The entire staff was helpful, understanding and professional.

Dr. Freeman really listened to what I wanted and also gave me advice. I love the way I feel and look. I have already referred 2 people to Dr. Freeman.

— B.L. Newdale, Idaho

Breast Augmentation

My experience in Idaho Falls was very different than what I experienced in Utah when I had my original breast augmentation. In Dr. Freeman’s office I was treated as special and important. In Utah, I felt as though I was ‘herded’ into the office like cattle. I mostly spoke with the nurse and only saw the doctor once for 5-10 minutes prior to my surgery. I never even saw the doctor after my surgery. I had one visit the day afterwards with his nurse and was sent home. When I had several problems that I called about and I was laughed at by the nurse. Needless to say, when my saline implant ruptured only a few years later I decided to see Dr. Freeman here in Idaho Falls for the correction surgery. The experience was so dramatically different. Dr. Freeman personally visited with me for nearly 2 hours in two visits prior to surgery. He also personally followed up with me at least 4 times afterwards. I am so happy with my final result. I would wholeheartedly recommend patients in and around Idaho Falls visit with Dr. Freeman before travelling all the way to Utah for surgery. His training seems better than anyone I saw in Utah and he is available locally for any questions or issues that might arise. It was a completely different experience.

— A.B. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Freeman is the nicest doctor I have ever met. He made me feel very comfortable and important. He is nice and I wish I could take him home!

I had very good results, it was affordable and all of the staff is super friendly and supportive.

— C.E. Taber, Alberta Canada

Breast Augmentation

I went to see Dr. Freeman several years after my original breast augmentation in Salt Lake City. I was unhappy with the appearance of my breasts as my implants had never really been in the right position. I decided to see Dr. Freeman as he had been referred to me by several people who said he was an expert in breast augmentation and fixed a lot of people’s implants for them. I was somewhat nervous because of the bad experience I had in Utah where my surgery was done while I was still relatively awake. It was both traumatic and painful. Dr. Freeman had a wonderful bedside manner and instantly put me at ease. He explained that my comfort and safety was his #1 priority. His methods of surgery, pain control and the entire process was so different than the hurried approach I had in Salt Lake City. The experience of surgery with great pain control was entirely different and went very smoothly. After surgery, my results are fantastic! I’m now able to wear so many more things I wasn’t before because my implants were in the wrong spot. I am so glad that I chose to stay right here in Idaho Falls with Dr. Freeman. He is the best.

— H.A. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Breast Augmentation

When I was thinking about breast augmentation, I was looking for the best possible experience with the most natural looking result and wanted to feel comfortable in the process. After consulting in Utah, I didn’t feel like I found what would make me feel that way. I just felt rushed and unimportant. I left the consultation feeling like I wouldn’t have the post op care I needed. They wanted to rush me into surgery and never have me return for any type of follow up. After more research, I found Dr. Freeman who was so much closer to home and from the day I met he and his staff I have not second guessed my decision. He has great style and confidence and is very honest. He was willing to spend the time needed with me to make me feel comfortable in my decision. His staff was always willing to listen and makes me feel very important at every appointment.

— B.K. Rigby, Idaho

Breast Augmentation

Professionally, Dr. Freeman was very informative and courteous and always readily available. I enjoy all of my visits to the office as he takes care of Botox and implants.

Even when they are really busy, they are always able to squeeze me in. Personally I just feel very comfortable with him and his staff. He is a genuinely nice guy, a fantastic doctor and people would be really pleased with the results. I have even told my sister to fly out from Wisconsin for surgery.

— C.C. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Freeman was great. He gave me the sense that he genuinely wanted to help me feel better about my body instead of just thinking about how he could profit. He listened to me and worked to understand my situation and desired outcomes.

I was actually very nervous about coming in for a consultation. I thought it would be awkward and uncomfortable, but Dr. Freeman and his staff were so nice and friendly and were totally professional! It was being in that sort of environment that put me at ease. I ended up enjoying all of my visits to the office!

My body looks great and I can’t think of one negative thing that happened during my surgery process. I would give them all a big gold star!

— J.M. Calgary, Canada

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Freeman was very professional and respectful on all levels. Personally he was very kind and friendly, and took extra care before and after surgery to ease my fears.

I am so much happier with my breast implants at 50 than I have ever been, they seem much more natural and better shaped since he revised them for me.

I have already referred Dr. Freeman to my friends. My referral is based on his skills and his concern for his patients. Everyone we dealt with in the office and the operating room were very friendly and polite.

— C.V. Bedford, Wyoming

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Freeman is great. He is professional, yet seems to genuinely care about his patients. I appreciate that he called me at home after surgery to check up on me. I am very satisfied. I had some issues after surgery and had to visit the office a few times. I worried I was being a pain or a “Needy” patient, but the office never made me feel that way.

— K.H. Rigby, Idaho

Breast Augmentation

I was very nervous at first, but was pleasantly surprised from the minute I walked through the front door. Never at any time did I feel uncomfortable or feel I couldn’t ask him any question. The staff was very friendly and informative, the office was beautiful and Dr. Freeman was very professional.

I would rate my outcome and care a 10! I can honestly say that everything about the experience was awesome. It definitely exceeded my expectations!

I was referred to Dr. Freeman by family and I will refer everyone as well. I have told numerous people how nice the staff was, how quick and beautifully the surgery turned out, and the follow up visits made me feel well cared for.

— J.S. Idaho Falls

Mommy Makeover

Dr. Freeman was very approachable and took the time to educate me on all aspects of the procedure. I trusted his judgment and never felt uncomfortable in what otherwise could have been an awkward or embarrassing situation. Dr. Freeman valued me as an individual… looked past the superficial flaws and saw me instead as a person and saw the potential of my own desire for improvement. He was not at all judgmental or ‘pushy’ as we looked at all of my potential options together. He gave me all of the information, answered all of my questions, offered his opinion when I asked for it, but ultimately he let me decide what I wanted to do. He was supportive and encouraging as well as qualified and careful. Through all steps of the process he was conscientious and considerate. I am very satisfied with the results of my procedure.

— S.H. Rexburg, Idaho

Mommy Makeover

I have and will continue to refer friends to see Dr. Freeman. I am so happy with the results of my tummy tuck and breast augmentation, I have never looked better. After seeing my stomach after two kids I never would have thought it could be so tight and toned again. His office and staff were fantastic. They helped us make arrangements to travel to Idaho Falls for our initial consultation as well as for the surgery and any follow up visits. We kept in constant contact by phone and even sent in some photos by email to avoid the long drive for regular follow up visits. I had many options for surgeons being in western Montana from Washington to Boise, but I am so glad we chose to see Dr. Freeman in Idaho Falls. Who knew there was such a talented plastic surgeon in this part of the world!

— C.S. Hamilton, Montana

Mommy Makeover

From the moment I met Dr. Freeman I felt completely at ease. He has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever met. Considering how many patients are coming to see him for their biggest insecurities, he has a way of making you feel comfortable and confident in his care. I would refer anyone to Doctor Freeman. I feel like he is such a great person with the bonus of being a great plastic surgeon as well. He is kind, very honest, caring and concerned about you.

— A.L. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Mommy Makeover

I was very pleased with Dr. Freeman’s care. His level of professionalism sets you at ease as well as the personal level of care which is calming. The balance of the two is there, you know that whatever concerns you may have he wants to answer. You leave knowing that all your concerns are a top priority.

I am very satisfied with my results. While healing there are always questions but Dr. Freeman is very reassuring and if you have any concerns he notes them and follows through to make sure the outcome is what you expected. There were times I called to ask what I thought were dumb questions but they were always kind and answered all that I asked. I already have friends wanting to get work done based on my results. I would also tell them how the staff at the office was so good to work with as well.

— M.T. Rexburg, Idaho

Mommy Makeover

Dr. Freeman was extremely professional and I always felt comfortable around him. I was very happy with the level of care and can’t think of anything that I would improve. I’m completely satisfied with my results and in all areas of my experience. I definitely would (and have) refer friends and family to Dr. Freeman due to his level of expertise and the fantastic results.

— J.N. Iona, Idaho


I wanted to express how pleased I am with my surgery. You did exactly as I had asked with even better results than I could have anticipated. With each postop day I marvel at your work, in absolute awe of your artistry.

I am truly grateful for your efforts to go out of your way to make this experience uncomplicated and less frightening.

— J.J. Jackson, Wyoming


Dr. Freeman is very caring and helpful and takes the time to answer all of your concerns and questions. My care with them has been a “10”! After your procedure you can call his office and see him at anytime about anything you’re wondering about. I loved the personal attention!

One of my best friends went to see him and was just as happy. He does an amazing job and you know you’re in great hands. I’d refer all of my friends and family to him.

Dr. Freeman and his staff are all wonderful, helpful caring people who also make you feel very safe and calm about your procedure. It was a great experience… I’ll be back!!

— B.A. Idaho Falls, Idaho


For that big of a surgery Dr. Freeman was a huge support to me. I was scared and he made me feel comfortable. I was very satisfied. After having three babies leaving me with a scarred body, I finally feel better about my look again.

I have referred a couple of friends to Dr. Freeman, it almost feels like it’s family, they take that good of care of you.

— M.A. Rexburg, Idaho


Dr. Freeman was extremely professional and caring. I felt very comfortable around him. I’m very satisfied with my tummy tuck and liposuction procedure, and in all areas of my care and in my outcome.

I have already referred friends and family to Dr. Freeman due to his expertise and the level of care that I received. I am very happy with my entire experience and can’t think of anything that I would improve.

— J.N. Idaho Falls, Idaho


I plan on going back to Dr. Freeman if I want more surgery. I feel he and his staff are the best. It’s just nice to go into the office and feel like everyone is your friend. I used another doctor about 10 years ago and the difference is amazing. My satisfaction level with Dr Freeman is off the charts. He is the best and really cares.

— D.B. Island Park, Idaho


I found Dr. Freeman and his office to be very professional and at the same time caring and compassionate. My outcome and my care were excellent!

Dr. Freeman is very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. He takes the time to answer all silly questions. Keep up the good work.

— S.Z. Victor, Idaho


I wanted to express my gratitude for all of the kindness you afforded me. Your gentle, professional manner imbued me with confidence about my surgery which was rewarded with lovely results.

— J.D Kaiserslautern, Germany


The care at Dr. Freeman’s office was excellent. Everything was explained so that I knew just what to expect. I read through all of the written information which was very detailed. He was very caring and very particular about his work. I am so Happy I did my surgery… it couldn’t have been better. Dr. Freeman is a great surgeon and very personable. He is dedicated to making his patients happy. Overall it was a great experience and I love the outcome.

— N.O. Ririe, Idaho

Breast Lift

Dr. Freeman is caring, personable, answers all of your questions and takes as much time as needed with you.

I was happy. The outcome seems great and my care was very good both on a professional and personal level.

— K.B. Paradise, Utah

Breast Lift

Dr. Freeman is extremely well qualified, communicates effectively, and works with individual needs such as traveling out of state. He and his staff return phone calls and emails quickly, answer all questions and want you to be happy with your results.

I am very satisfied with my outcome and my care. I felt well cared for.

— S.G. Bozeman, Montana

Breast Lift

I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the surgery you performed. I look so natural, I don’t think anyone would know that I had surgery and I am the perfect size, as you told me I would be. Thank you very much. I would recommend you to others!

— RB Buckinghamshire, England

Breast Reduction

Dr. Freeman has the highest level of professionalism and expertise, while still being extremely personable and compassionate.

I couldn’t have asked for better results, it far exceeded my expectations. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 12!! I felt the level of care was outstanding from consultation through recovery.

This has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. I couldn’t be happier. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I will absolutely refer friends and family.

— M.M. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Breast Reduction

Professionally Dr. Freeman was great… he explained everything thoroughly and answered all of my questions. Personally he was very warm and I felt very comfortable. Everything was explained to me and my husband so my aftercare at home went smoothly.

Dr. Freeman is professional, listens to what the patient wants, has a great sense of humor (which helped me feel comfortable, cause I was really nervous) and of course he did a great job on the surgery. I never even had to wait in the waiting room!

— A.K. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Breast Reduction

Dr. Freeman is very knowledgeable and down to earth (not at all arrogant which is a big plus). I’ve handed out his cards since my surgery. I am so happy with my results. I also love that a 1 o’clock appointment actually means I’ll be seen at 1 o’clock and not 2 or so. There is very good care and follow up. I was very impressed with the whole staff they were very knowledgeable and professional.

— K.J. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Whether you’re just beginning to explore your options or you’re ready to schedule a procedure, request an appointment online or call us at (208) 881-5351 today. Our Wyoming and Idaho Falls offices draw plastic surgery patients from Twin Falls and Pocatello, Idaho, as well as Wyoming, Utah and even Canada.

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