Your First Visit

At our Idaho Falls plastic surgery clinic, board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Mark Freeman and Dr. Hagan, as well as the rest of our staff, look forward to getting to know you and serving your aesthetic needs. The team understands that planning a surgical procedure can be a challenge, so to streamline the process we’ve provided some details on what you can expect when you first visit our practice.

The office of Freeman Plastic Surgery serves patients from throughout the region at our Idaho Falls location. To meet with a member of our team, request a consultation online or call us at (208) 881-5351 to schedule your appointment.

Getting to Know You

After introducing yourself at our front desk and completing your patient forms, you are introduced to Kim, our Patient Care Coordinator, before meeting with either Dr. Freeman or Dr. Hagan. Kim reviews your medical history and asks you questions about your areas of concern. You’ll also work together with Kim to begin to visualize your desired results.

After spending some time with Kim, you’re introduced to one of our board-certified plastic surgeons for your formal consultation. It’s important for our team to completely understand your concerns and your ideal outcome to help formulate the best surgical plan customized for you. Our Doctors will invest a good deal of time talking to you about your lifestyle to paint a broader picture of you as an individual and understand how your surgery fits into your life. They will also review all of the various options available to you, as well as the downtime required for each.

Our Surgeons encourage you to ask questions during your consultation. They are happy to address your concerns regarding your procedure or answer questions about their credentials. Patient education is an important element of a successful procedure, and our team wants you to feel perfectly comfortable about your decisions.

During your consultation, one of our Surgeons will also perform a physical examination specific to your areas of concern. The examination is limited to the area in question, and we attempt to preserve your modesty at every step along the way. The physical exam is an important step to examine factors such as your skin quality, muscle tone, and other factors that could affect your surgery.

Your Next Steps

After your consultation, you’ll visit again with Kim about your potential next steps. If you choose to undergo cosmetic surgery with either Dr. Freeman or Dr. Hagan, you’ll discuss your payment and financing options. You will also need to schedule your pre-op appointment and surgery date. Nearly every surgical patient will need a preoperative visit to again review all of the details regarding surgery and your recovery within a few weeks of your scheduled surgery.

Our team understands that plastic surgery is a big decision, so your initial visit is a low-pressure appointment intended to help you gather information about your desired procedure and our practice.

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