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How Long To Recover From a Mommy Makeover? Results & Recovery Week by Week (INFOGRAPHIC)

Although Mommy Makeover recovery will not be the same for everyone, having a general idea of what to expect can be helpful if you're planning to undergo this combination surgery. You will be undergoing several procedures---typically a tummy tuck, breast enhancement, and liposuction---so it's especially important to take it easy during your recuperation and follow your …

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It’s (Almost) Never Too Late for a Mommy Makeover (Before and After Photos)

You've spent years willingly sacrificing many of your needs to raise children. It's been completely worth it, and you wouldn't change anything. And even though you've kept in shape, you've never been able to regain your pre-baby body, and now you feel like it's time to do something for yourself. Go for it! A Mommy …

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What Can a Mommy Makeover Do for You?

As a mom, you constantly put your family first, which is understandable. However, it is important to take care of your own needs too. A mommy makeover at my plastic surgery center in Idaho Falls can help you restore your pre-baby body. You deserve it! How Can Pregnancy Affect the Body? Pregnancy not only affects …

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Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back: The 3 Most Common Mommy Makeover Procedures

Having children brings immeasurable happiness to many women and their loved ones. However, it also brings physical changes that may not give you the same warm feelings. The great news is that you can now reclaim your pre-baby figure with a combination of plastic surgery procedures called a Mommy Makeover, available at our Idaho Falls plastic surgery location. …

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