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Woman holding her neck and smiling (MODEL)

Facelift Before and After: What To Expect

When preparing for a facelift, you will have many questions about the procedure, recovery, and results. The term “facelift” is often associated with a wind-tunnel appearance and artificial-looking results. But most men and women seek subtle changes and improvements to facial aging. If you are wondering how to get natural-looking results from your facelift, minimize …

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A mature woman in a robe touching her skin (model)

6 Reasons To Try Laser Skin Resurfacing

Whether you’re a skincare fanatic or new to the world of cosmetic treatments, you’ve likely heard the buzz about laser skin resurfacing. At our med spa locations, laser treatments have become fast favorites thanks to their versatility, minimal downtime, and most importantly, their results. But while many people swear by the technology, others still aren’t …

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Woman considering breast augmentation in Idaho Falls, ID.

7 Must-Ask Questions for Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

With so much information about plastic surgery at our fingertips, women considering breast augmentation typically arrive at their consultations having researched the procedure quite thoroughly. Still, it's one thing to comb through websites for breast implant information and another thing to ask plastic surgeons questions about the surgery. Ideally, the consultation is an information-gathering meeting for …

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Woman (MODEL) doing pushups against a rock.

Quiz: CoolTone® vs. CoolSculpting®, Which Is Right for You?

These days, making the body of your dreams a reality doesn’t always have to involve cosmetic surgery. You can leave excess fat behind and even sculpt a full set of abs with nonsurgical body contouring treatments. CoolTone and CoolSculpting are favorites at my Idaho Falls plastic surgery practice. But how do these treatments work, and …

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