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Breast Augmentation FAQs

This page gives answers to many of the common questions women have when considering breast augmentation surgery. Women from Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Twin Falls, ID and Jackson, WY seeking this procedure often have a number questions they would like to ask Dr. Mark Freeman.

To learn even more details about breast augmentation from Dr. Freeman, request an appointment onlinerequest an appointment online. He is happy to help you explore your cosmetic options.

What choices do I have for implants?

Breast implants come in a variety of shapes, profiles, fills, sizes, and surface textures that will be discussed during your consultation. We will spend a good deal of time discussing the different implant options that you have and the goals you are hoping to achieve. I have access to hundreds of breast implants and together we will determine which implant is right for your breast augmentation surgery.

  • Shapes: Most breast implants are either round or anatomic in shape. The shape of implant that is right for you usually depends on the breast shape that you prefer. While I allow all of my patients to choose the shape of the implant they prefer, some patients have a breast or chest wall contour that would be best suited for a particular implant shape.
  • Profiles: Round implants have different profile or diameter for the same volume of implant. Therefore an implant that contains 350cc of saline can be either more broad or more narrow at the base. As a rule, the more narrow the implant, the more it projects or 'sticks out.' A high profile implant is narrow at the base and projects higher, while a low profile implant is more broad and flat. Again the best profile for you will depend on what breast shape you are looking for.
  • Fill: All breast implants currently available contain an outer shell made of silicone. This shell may be filled with either a saline solution (salt water) or a silicone gel. Most implants placed in the U.S. in the 90's and early 2000's were filled with saline. However, the FDA has recently approved the use of silicone implants for breast augmentation patients over the age of 22. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, although the majority of patients do prefer silicone. We will review the benefits of each together.
  • Texture: Breast implants are usually smooth or textured on the surface. The textured implants allow the surrounding tissue to fix the implant into position similar to Velcro. Smooth implants will usually be more mobile within the breast capsule allowing them to 'give' a little. In my opinion, certain shapes and styles are better suited for textured versus smooth surfaces.
  • Size: The size of your implants is one of the most important decisions that you will make, therefore you shouldn't feel rushed. We will have a separate appointment set aside & dedicated entirely to finding the perfect size breast implants for you. I developed specific techniques while in Los Angeles and Florida that will assist you in choosing the perfect sized implant. The sizing process does take a little time and preparation, but your great result will be worth it.

Are silicone filled implants safe?

The FDA has found no link between silicone breast implants and disease. Numerous studies have verified the safety of silicone breast implants, which have been used safely throughout the world for decades. Many people have seen disgusting pictures of older liquid silicone implants that could form a 'gooey' puddle. The good news is that these liquid implants are a thing of the past. Newer silicone gel implants are made of thick gels which are more cohesive. These more cohesive implants actually maintain their shape even when cut in half - similar to a jelly bean or gummy bear.

Where do you put the scar?

We will discuss the different incision choices that you have and the benefits of each. I have experience using each type of incision and I am happy to leave that decision up to you. In most cases, the approach or incision does not affect the creation of the ideal pocket for the implant. I use delicate, advanced techniques to shape the pocket and breast to obtain your ideal shape and contour.

Can my breast augmentation procedure be combined?

Breast augmentation surgery can usually be combined with other procedures for a complete enhancement. Several of my breast lift patients combine breast augmentation with that procedure for a comprehensive breast rejuvenation. A breast augmentation can also be combined with body contouring procedures such as liposuction or abdominoplasty.

How long will I need to take off of work?

The time needed away from work depends completely on the type of work that you do. Usually 3 to 5 days is needed for most professions, however those who have more active jobs and use their arms more may need additional time following your breast augmentation. 80% of your strength should return after 2 weeks. Those who need to lift infants (over 20 lbs) can do so after a week and small children after 2 weeks.

When can I expect to see the final result?

In general, I tell most of my patients that they can expect to look great in a bikini or bra at 2 to 3 weeks. However, the implants take weeks to "settle" into position, so you won't reach your ideal shape until around 2 months. Because of differences in the size of the muscle and implants, some breast augmentation patients may take more time to obtain their final result.

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