For Pocatello Plastic Surgery Patients Quick-Recovery Procedures More Popular Than Ever

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Busy parents and professionals wanting faster cosmetic improvements are increasingly turning to ‘quick-recovery’ procedures while still achieving excellent results. Pocatello area plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Freeman highlights the demand for minimal downtime procedures.

Idaho Falls, Idaho (October 2009) – Eager to get quick results for their cosmetic surgery procedures, men and women of Eastern Idaho are seeking treatments that require minimal downtime. Local plastic surgeons such as Dr. Mark Freeman ( are stepping up to meet this demand by offering more “quick-recovery” options for their Idaho Falls and Pocatello breast augmentation, face lift, and liposuction patients. Dr. Freeman says that to provide successful results for these procedures it’s all about balancing recovery time with the quality of the results.

“Because they are designed to meet the growing demand from both men and women for enhancements that provide speedy results, small scale procedures are increasing in popularity,” says Dr. Freeman, a Pocatello area plastic surgeon. “The availability of less invasive options is particularly attractive to men, who statistically tend to go for less extensive procedures ranging from BOTOX® to minimal-incision face lifts. I have also noticed more younger women considering smaller scale beauty treatments.”

To make procedure recovery time faster, Idaho plastic surgeons are using special techniques and equipment. For instance, Smartlipo™ laser liposuction and “mini” tummy tucks, while they are still surgical procedures, offer a quicker recovery time while still achieving excellent results for the right candidates. In addition, non-surgical procedures such as facial fillers and Thermage® can create a more attractive look with little to no downtime.

“Small-scale procedures aren’t right for everyone and they don’t guarantee better results,” explains Dr. Freeman. “That said, so many of my Idaho Falls, Jackson Hole, and Pocatello plastic surgery patients prefer these procedures because of their busy schedules and the need to recover quickly. I determine which procedure is best for my patients by examining factors such as their skin type, aging characteristics, and body proportions.”

Each year, new techniques and technologies are introduced to improve the outcomes for people seeking beauty treatments, and part of the role of a good cosmetic surgeon is to evaluate new products so that they can offer the quality and safety a patient expects from a trusted physician while meeting the needs of modern patients.

“I have many goals for each of my cosmetic patients,” adds Dr. Freeman. “Striking that balance between newer and less invasive approaches on the one hand and tried and true methods on the other helps me create a satisfying outcome and encourages my patients to feel confident about their choices.”

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