3 Unexpected Reasons to Choose CoolSculpting®

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There are more reasons than meets the eye to take advantage of CoolSculpting at my Idaho Falls practice. While the treatment is known and loved for its ability to spot treat stubborn pockets of fat, the advantages don’t stop there.

Here are 3 unexpected reasons men and women choose body contouring with CoolSculpting.

1. Feeling Confident in Any Outfit

Whether you’re wearing a little black dress, a swimsuit, or even a wedding gown, CoolSculpting can help your clothes fit flawlessly. You won’t have to dress strategically to disguise bumps and bulges or squeeze into shapewear to smooth out problem areas. CoolSculpting is designed to reduce persistent spots that stick out in form-fitting or revealing outfits. By targeting areas such as the hips, abdomen, or upper arms, it can give you the confidence to wear whatever you like without a second thought. Take a look at our patients’ before-and-after photos to see the results for yourself.

2. Overcoming a Fitness Plateau

No matter how hard you work in the gym, it can be difficult to target specific areas where you might be genetically predisposed to store fat. CoolSculpting gives you this ability. When those stubborn pockets of fat finally shrink, many patients feel inspired to take on their fitness goals with renewed motivation. Read our previous blog post to learn more about how CoolSculpting can help reveal the hard work you’ve already done in the gym.

3. Looking Stunning in Photos

Stubborn pockets of fat, especially under the chin, can stand out in photos and cause insecurity. If you know if you have an event such as a wedding, a family photo shoot, or a vacation coming up in a couple of months, a quick CoolSculpting treatment can greatly reduce your double chin and help you look your best in photos. The CoolMini™ applicator is specifically designed to fit under the chin and target this area, and our patients love using it to boost the definition of the jawline. This treatment area versatility is just one of the reasons CoolSculpting is one of the 10 most commonly performed nonsurgical cosmetic treatments in the country, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The CoolSculpting Experience

The convenience of CoolSculpting is a benefit in and of itself. Each treatment takes about an hour per area and requires little to no downtime—you can typically return to your usual activities right away. With DualSculpting at our practice, we can even treat 2 areas at once, doubling your results without adding any time.

Along with the CoolMini applicator, we also offer the CoolAdvantage™, designed to fit the abdomen and back, and the CoolFit™, designed for the inner thighs and arms. To enhance results even further, we may finish our treatments with a Zimmer ZWave massage. This device uses radial pulse technology to target additional cells and break down the tissue that causes cellulite.

Men and women come to us for CoolSculpting from Jackson Hole, WY; Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and throughout the greater Boise, Idaho, area. Ready to discover what CoolSculpting can do for you? Please contact us using the online form or call (208) 881-5351 to schedule an appointment.

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