Breast Augmentation Research: 4 Important Things to Know

A woman is happy with her breast augmentation results.

It’s always important to research your procedure before deciding on plastic surgery. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the information on the internet. If you’re interested in breast augmentation in the Idaho Falls and Jackson area but don’t know where to start, don’t worry—we have some advice.

Knowing more about breast augmentation ahead of time can help you feel more confident about your private consultation. Here are 4 things to keep in mind while you’re researching the procedure.

Not All Implants Are the Same

Breast augmentation isn’t a one-size-fits-all procedure. There are many different types of implant sizes, shapes, and materials women can choose. During your consultation, your doctor will help you decide which implant can best achieve your aesthetic goals. But before your consultation, you can get an idea of how the type, size, and shape of your implant can change your contours by browsing some breast augmentation before-and-after photos. And you can show your doctor an example of your ideal results using the images.

Here’s a selection of before-and-after photos from our gallery:

Breast Augmentation Before & After Photo | Idaho Falls, ID | Dr. Mark Freeman
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation Before & After Photo | Idaho Falls, ID | Dr. Mark Freeman
Before & After Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation Before & After Photo | Idaho Falls, ID | Dr. Mark Freeman
Before & After Breast Augmentation

Think About Your Future Wardrobe

Many of my Idaho Falls breast augmentation patients are excited to try out new outfits after surgery. However, it’s important to know that clothing fits differently when you have larger breasts. Dressing modestly can be more difficult, as even V-neck tee shirts can appear more revealing than before. You want to be comfortable and confident when wearing your favorite types of clothing, so think about what you typically wear and consider options that pair well with those choices.

Plan for Your Long-Term Lifestyle

Breast augmentation is a long-term decision, and you will have these implants for many years to come. Consider your daily lifestyle and everyday activities when planning for your breast enhancement. For example, active women often may want to consider a smaller implant that’s more comfortable when running. You want to live your best life possible after surgery. Choose a look that’s customized to your personal needs.

Don’t Overanalyze the Details

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when it comes to breast augmentation. With so many details to customize, it may feel difficult keeping track of what you truly want. But don’t worry—you don’t need to be a plastic surgery expert before heading into your consultation. Your doctor is a trained professional who can help guide your journey and answer your pressing questions. By working together, you can create a new body that gives you confidence.

Researching your procedure before surgery is a great way to empower yourself and feel more confident. No matter which implants or look you end up choosing, remember always to pick a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your operation safely.

If you’re in the Idaho Falls, ID, or Jackson, WY, area and would like to learn more, request a consultation online. You can also call us at (208) 881-5351.

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