Face Lift 101: More Isn’t Always Better

Dr. Mark Freeman

A subtle, natural-looking approach is at the forefront of Dr. Freeman’s method for all his patients, and this especially goes for those interested in a face lift. Dr. Freeman believes advanced techniques make all the difference for natural-looking results. He likes to see photos of patients from 10 to 15 years ago so he can help them achieve their goal to still look like themselves, only more refreshed.

At his Idaho Falls and Jackson Hole offices, he consults with his patients on 2 very different types of face lifts:

  1. Dr. Freeman usually recommends that his younger patients opt for a “maintenance” technique that tightens tissue to help prevent further aging and maintain their appearance.
  2. For older patients or those with more advanced signs of age, Dr. Freeman uses a “rejuvenation” approach that more dramatically lifts sagging tissues, while still maintaining a natural look.

Expected downtime can vary depending on the type of face lift Dr. Freeman recommends, but most patients can expect to see swelling go down within 2 weeks. Request a consultation for a thorough evaluation.

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