5 Nonsurgical Ways to a More Youthful You

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Many women seek a more refreshed, youthful appearance in their face but are often hesitant to receive a surgical treatment, such as a facelift, to combat the common signs of aging. Although the results of procedures like a face or eye lift always achieve the greatest results, there are plenty of other treatments that can help rejuvenate your appearance without any surgical intervention.

1. 3D Visia® Skin Analysis: The experts in our office often begin a patient’s skincare routine with an integrated analysis using the 3D Visia system. After scanning your face, we can compare your skin to a database of 4 million other people, determining where your issues are and what treatments may be the most effective for your skin type.

2. HydraFacial™: Love the feeling of healthy, moisturized skin? The HydraFacial treatment offers just that! This facial is a great way to rejuvenate skin without any abrasive or invasive tools or treatments. This popular facial begins by cleansing and exfoliating the skin before treating it with vitamins and anti-aging products that moisturize and maintain a healthy glow. After your treatment, your skin will be refreshed and full of lasting moisture.

3. Broadband light therapy: Broadband light therapy, or BBL, is a highly advanced technology used to treat discoloration, freckles, and even spider veins. The treatment is versatile enough to use on different areas of the body, including your face, hands, and chest. BBL delivers gentle, low-frequency light energy deep into the lower layers of your skin where it promotes collagen production and a smooth, even tone. The treatment is noninvasive, so there is no downtime required, and little to no pain. Plus, patients will see extended results over a period of time as the stimulated collagen continues to develop.

4. Liquid facelift: The liquid facelift uses injectables such as dermal fillers and BOTOX® to achieve a more lifted, youthful appearance in your face. Our nurse practitioner, Nancy, is an expert injector who is passionate about providing patients with natural looking results. Whether you seek to regain lost volume in your cheeks or relax the wrinkles around your eyes and forehead, Nancy can help guide you through an effective treatment.

5. Freeman Plastic Surgery skincare products: We are excited about the recent release of our new private line of Freeman Plastic Surgery skincare products! We are prepared to assist patients in choosing the products that will help maintain supple, glowing skin at a fraction of the cost of professional grade products. Our products are only available in-office, so we encourage you to visit us to see what will work for you!

Keep in mind these treatments are merely a guide, and our specialists are here to help you determine the exact treatments you need to achieve the results you desire. To schedule a consultation or appointment contact us online or call our Idaho Falls location.

Learn how to treat aging non-surgiically

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