You Don’t Have to Miss a Workout to Get CoolSculpting®

Woman stretching after a workout in the gym


Many of my CoolSculpting patients here in Idaho Falls are surprised to learn that their lasting, noticeable results don’t require downtime — or even much time away from their everyday lives. Typically, these men and women live healthy, active lifestyles and simply aren’t interested in being laid up on the couch if they can avoid it.

CoolSculpting appeals to so many because it’s a completely noninvasive treatment (which means it doesn’t use an incision or needles). It also doesn’t require anesthesia, so patients are free to drive themselves to and from their appointments. If you’re considering CoolSculpting, you can expect to spend about an hour in our office. Best of all: After your visit, there’s absolutely no recuperation period necessary. You can jump right back into your day, wherever you left off.

Unlike most surgical procedures, CoolSculpting allows patients to participate in strenuous activity, including working out, right after treatment. There’s no risk of damaging your results or injuring yourself, so there’s no reason to take time off from the gym or any of your other favorite activities.

As we wrote in a previous blog post, CoolSculpting is also popular among physically active people because it helps them reveal the results they work hard for. Although spot reduction isn’t possible in the gym, it’s definitely possible with CoolSculpting. In fact, spot reduction is where CoolSculpting really shines.

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