Are You Getting Cosmetic Surgery for the Right Reasons?

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Deciding to have cosmetic plastic surgery is a deeply personal decision. When I meet with patients, I try to get an understanding of their needs and wishes to determine why they are choosing to change their appearance. As a plastic surgeon, it’s my job to identify whether or not someone is a good candidate for plastic surgery. And those who are not good candidates usually want plastic surgery for the wrong reasons.

And what, you may ask, are the “wrong” reasons? Let’s take a closer look at a few celebrity examples.

The Plastic Look

Choosing plastic surgery to look Photoshopped or unnatural usually results in dissatisfaction. Celebrity Kylie Jenner is an example. Kylie made headlines when she decided to remove her overly-done lip fillers. The decision created a stir among fans and followers who wondered why she wanted to go natural and if big lips were “out.”

The truth is, Kylie had lip fillers for the wrong reasons. Instead of using dermal fillers to restore lost volume or to enhance her natural lips, she wanted to achieve what I call a “plastic look.” While this may have helped her make-up line sell more lip products, the look was not flattering or natural, and ultimately, she realized she wasn’t happy with the “duck lip” look any longer.

Fixing Imagined Flaws

It’s not unreasonable to want to change something about your appearance to feel more confident. In fact, that’s a perfectly normal and healthy reason to choose plastic surgery. But choosing to have plastic surgery for self-improvement is much different than choosing to have plastic surgery because you feel as though you need to be “fixed.” The latter can get into the unhealthy territory – as it did for the Human Ken Doll.

Rodrigo Alves had his first plastic surgery procedure at age 17 to correct gynecomastia (“man boobs”). Because he had been so tormented and bullied when he was younger, he had a very shattered self-image and suffered from body dysmorphia. One procedure to correct a medical condition turned into more than 60 surgeries to “fix” issues that weren’t really there. His obsession has cost him nearly $1 million, and almost his life.

Looking Like Someone Else

If a client comes to me saying they want to look like another person, that’s a red flag that they are having plastic surgery for the wrong reason.

One internet celebrity who is clearly trying to look like someone else is Valeria Lukyanova – the human Barbie. Valeria claims to have had only 1 procedure (breast augmentation), but it’s clear she’s had many more. Her body proportions are cartoonish (reportedly 39-18-34), and she uses blue contacts and exaggerated makeup to make her eyes look much larger and more doll-like.

Admiring an idol is one thing, but trying to become that idol is another. If the goal is to change who you are, as Valeria has done, then plastic surgery is not a good choice.

The Right Reasons

Beyond simply wanting to feel and look your best, there are many beneficial reasons people have plastic surgery—whether to rebuild the breasts with breast reconstruction after mastectomy, improve sexual enjoyment with vaginal rejuvenation following childbirth, or remove large amounts of fat with liposuction to help reach a healthy weight.

Looking out for the best interests of my patients is always a top priority. I want to make sure you are choosing plastic surgery for the right reasons to protect your safety, health, and happiness. By carefully listening to your goals, developing a personalized plan, and explaining all your care options, I hope to provide you with a safe and rewarding experience.

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